Berdell: Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done for me. I appreciate it very much. I’m glad to get the loan.

Fahad: You got your reverse mortgage. Right?

Berdell: I’m glad to get the reverse mortgage.
I needed it so badly and I wanted so much repairing around here

Fahad: What else did you need it for?

Bredell: Just fixing up things.

Fahad: So did you think that this was an easy experience, and working with me at California Platinum Loans?

Berdell: It was not! It was EASY working with YOU. And I Thank You so much for the work that you did to help me.

Fahad: Thank you. This was a reverse mortgage. And so Berdell would you like to tell us that you have a special landmark coming up next week right in about a week?

Berdell: In about a week it will be my 96th Birthday!

Fahad: 96 and you are living in your house and it was paid off free and clear and now you have some money to do the repairs. Very good.

Berdell: Correct!

Fahad: Sounds good. So finally we got it done.
So would you recommend me to your friends?


Fahad: Thank you. I really appreciate that.