The Fed’s Wrecking Ball: Unraveling the Impact of Misguided Rate Hikes and Navigating the Looming Recession

By California Platinum Loans / April 26, 2023
The Federal Reserve's actions, or lack thereof, have contributed significantly to the current economic downturn. Having yet to recognize the...
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Debunking the Housing Bubble Myth: Uncovering Resilience and Growth in the Real Estate Market

By California Platinum Loans / April 25, 2023
Let's discuss the recent positive trends in the bond market. In the last few days, we've seen a decrease in...
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Decoding the Mortgage Market Maze: Navigating Complex LPA and Seizing Opportunities in Shifting Rates

By California Platinum Loans / April 24, 2023
As we begin the week, mortgage-backed securities start on a slightly positive note, but the complexity of LPA has been...
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First Citizens BancShares Acquires Silicon Valley Bank Assets at a Discount

By California Platinum Loans / March 28, 2023
First Citizens BancShares recently bought $72 billion worth of assets from Silicon Valley Bank at a 23% discount, or $16.5...
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Deutsche Bank Shares Tumble as Fears of Weaknesses in Global Financial System Resurface

By Krishna / March 25, 2023
Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest lender, saw a sharp decline in shares on Friday, which had a knock-on effect on other...
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Federal Reserve Hikes Interest Rates Despite Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank

By California Platinum Loans / March 25, 2023
The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank and broader international financial volatility have complicated the Federal Reserve's...
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Signature Bank Follows Silicon Valley Bank into Collapse, Stranding Billions in Deposits

By California Platinum Loans / March 23, 2023
New York-based Signature Bank has become the third largest failure in US banking history, following Silicon Valley Bank's closure on...
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UBS Buys Credit Suisse for $3.2 Billion: What Does it Mean for the Global Banking System?

By California Platinum Loans / March 21, 2023
UBS has agreed to acquire Credit Suisse for $3.2 billion to aid the global banking system. The deal was brokered...
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Eleven Major US Banks Unite to Offer $30 Billion Rescue Package to First Republic

By California Platinum Loans / March 16, 2023
In a collective effort to prevent another bank failure, eleven of the largest banks in the US have come together...
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Climate Finance Void Left by Silicon Valley Bank Seizure Opens Door for New Lenders

By California Platinum Loans / March 13, 2023
The seizure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has created a significant gap in the climate finance sector, presenting a unique...
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