HELOC vs. Refinancing: Choosing the Best Path to Funding Home Improvements

Diving into the world of home improvements or other financial needs? Many homeowners face a dilemma: whether to tap into a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or opt for a mortgage loan refinance. With the variety of mortgage types available—be it FHA, VA, or others—making the right choice can be akin to navigating a financial maze. Here’s your guide to discerning the best route.

Deciphering HELOC and Cash-out Refinance Rates

Interest can be a game-changer when comparing the two options. Generally, the waters of HELOCs carry interest currents that are two to three points higher than those of a cash-out mortgage refinance.

Straight Refinance vs. Cash-out Refinance: What’s the Difference?

A straight mortgage refinance is the process of renewing your mortgage by refinancing a specific percentage of your home’s value. Programs like the VA’s streamlined IRRRL don’t allow you to harness additional cash from your home’s equity.

On the other hand, a cash-out loan, available through VA, FHA, and some other programs, empowers you to draw from your home’s value. Specifically, a VA cash-out refinance can be a golden ticket for eligible veterans, permitting borrowing up to 100% of the home’s worth.

Home Equity Loan vs. HELOC: Clearing the Air

Let’s lay down the cards: a home equity loan is distinct from a cash-out refinance and a HELOC. Ideal for one-time, crucial expenditures like home repairs, a home equity loan calculates the loan amount based on your existing home equity.

The HELOC vs. Cash-out Refinance Face-off

HELOCs come with their perks, acting as a renewable credit line rather than a singular cash boost. While HELOCs might grant flexibility in payment amounts, their relatively elevated interest rates can dim their allure. Nonetheless, a HELOC could be the lesser evil when compared to credit cards with sky-high interest.

In contrast, a cash-out refinance typically presents more favorable loan terms and enticing interest rates, dwarfing most HELOC options and embarking on the refinancing journey. Save valuable time by consulting a seasoned mortgage refinancing expert. With their vast reservoir of resources, local independent brokers can guide you to the best refinancing match for your unique needs.

Whether it’s a HELOC’s flexibility or the allure of refinancing’s better interest rates, each option has its strengths and drawbacks. The key lies in aligning your choice with your unique financial and home improvement goals. At California Platinum Loans, we pride ourselves on tailoring niche loan products to fit your narrative. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Are you considering a HELOC or refinancing? Dive deeper with us at California Platinum Loans and discover the path tailored just for you.

Don’t wait until tomorrow! Is Now a Good Time for a HELOC Refinance? (Yes: And Here’s Why)


Now is a good time for a home equity line of credit (HELOC). Changing conditions in the housing market, home prices, and listings mean that you can take advantage of these conditions and put some of the equity in your home to work, benefiting your financial goals.

According to RE/MAX’s national housing report, Los Angeles County’s home prices began dropping in 2022 compared to 2021. In December 2022, LA Metro area home prices dropped about 5%, according to Spectrum News 1. The LA area isn’t the only one that saw drops in home prices and listings in 2022. San Francisco, Honolulu, and Phoenix also saw similar home price drops.

What does this mean if you’re considering a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or home refinance? Home prices can affect how much equity you have in your home. However, if you have owned your home for a long time, you’re likely to have a lot of equity. Increased price drops could negatively influence the benefits you could get from a HELOC, so now is an excellent time to act if you’ve been considering a HELOC.

What Are Some Uses For a HELOC?

HELOCs are flexible. Some use the line of credit to pay for home improvements; others use the line of credit to pull money out to invest. You don’t have to use the HELOC all at once. You can spend it over time and only use the part you need, reserving some for another future purpose or need.

Some borrowers use a HELOC to pay for home improvements or to make significant purchases, like a boat or recreational vehicle. Others use HELOCs to pay for their children’s educational expenses. Older borrowers might use a HELOC to finance travel they’ve always wanted to take or to purchase investments that can outperform the HELOC interest rate, like annuities.

HELOCs Can Benefit You In Today’s Interest Rate Environment

The Federal Reserve is expected to continue to increase the prime interest rate, meaning that mortgage and HELOC rates will likely continue to rise. You can put your home’s equity to work for you today by contacting the HELOC experts at California Platinum Loans.

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Need A Faster and Flexible Solution To Your Home Improvement Needs? A Home Equity Line of Credit Can Lower Your Monthly Payments And Help You Achieve Your Upgrade Goals Quickly

Have you been thinking about a HELOC, aka a home equity line of credit? With favorable 30-year refinance rates and California home loans offering many options for refinancing or using the equity in your home, you’ve got a lot of choices to meet your financial goals. Many people choose a HELOC to pay off high-interest credit card debt, or other personal loans. This is just one use of a HELOC that can meet your financial needs.

Why choose a HELOC instead of a refinance or traditional second mortgage?

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is different from a home equity loan or a home mortgage refinance. With a home equity line of credit, you have credit available for your use as needed. Once you use the credit, whether for home remodeling and improvements or other needs, like college tuition or a down payment on a vacation home, you’ll pay the funds you use back with interest. You can pay the amount back that you use from your HELOC in different amounts: your HELOC will have a variable and adjustable interest rate, similar to an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM).

If you want a line of credit with interest rates that are usually much lower than unsecured credit cards, a HELOC offers access to funds that you can borrow, use, and repay on a flexible schedule. Most people choose a HELOC because it offers flexibility and availability, along with lower, yet adjustable, interest rates.

Is the interest on a HELOC tax-deductible?

If you use your HELOC to improve your home or make home repairs, yes it may be tax-deductible (you need to check with a licensed CPA or tax attorney for your specific situation). If you use the HELOC for other purposes, it probably won’t be deductible. You should consult a tax advisor before using a HELOC to determine what you can and cannot legally deduct from your taxes.

What financial situations aren’t right for a HELOC and which ones are?

A home equity line of credit is secured by the equity in your home. It’s a form of a second mortgage. If you’re struggling to pay your bills, a HELOC isn’t a smart financial choice.

If you’re financially stable and want financial flexibility and low-interest access to credit, a HELOC can be a wise financial choice. One of the best reasons to work with an experienced independent mortgage broker and a home loan professional is their ability to compare different HELOC lenders and their terms and conditions and advise you on your options. Also typically your monthly payments are a lot lower on HELOC-used funds since the only payments required are typically interest-only payments.  You can use a HELOC to remodel your home, make improvements, or use the money flexibly to meet your other personal financial, business, and family goals.



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