Empty Nester? Are You Re-Evaluating Your Options or Considering a Move? Learn Your Choices in Mortgages and Houses

Are your kids leaving the nest? Whether you’re considering the ability to move to your dream house or downsizing to a dream location, you’ve got both choice and opportunity in your next home buying experience. You may not have considered it before, but working with an independent mortgage broker and real estate professional is one of the smartest choices you could make. Not only can they save you time and potentially, money, they can help you know your options in today’s ever-changing housing and financing market.

Real Estate Professionals Like Those at California Platinum Realty Can Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Equity

You’ve probably built up a lot of equity in your home, and if you want to sell it and move, you don’t have to put all of it into your next house. You have a variety of choices, from investment to pay for college costs, if needed. A real estate professional can review your options for the equity in your home along with different scenarios for your down payment and loan options for your next property.

A Professional Independent Mortgage Brokerage Such as California Platinum Loans Can Help You Choose The Best Mortgage Products For Your Specific Situation

Home loans have changed over the years, and most people who went through the 2008 mortgage crisis would agree — they’ve changed for the better. You could be surprised by the variety of home loan programs that are available. In addition to traditional 30-year mortgages and 15-year fixed-rate mortgages, you can consider other amortization periods, including 20 and 25-year loans.

You can also consider adjustable-rate mortgages and a variety of loans with different down payments. If you’re a veteran, you could consider a VA home mortgage, potentially with zero money down. In addition, if you thought you could only use your VA loan benefit once, you can use it multiple times.

RE Pros Like Those at LA County Home Listings.com and California Platinum Realty Can Help You Find Properties That Are Right For You

It’s easy to get caught up in searching for homes online, but not every property is listed via online services. An experienced, talented real estate professional can work with you, understand your home buying preferences and needs, and help you to discover the properties that will most appeal to you.

Couple Reviewing their Finances

Having your children leave home can be an emotional and exciting time of life. Working with a real estate and mortgage professional who’s experienced in both home search and sales, as well as mortgages and home loans, can ease the process and help you achieve your goals as you move on to the next phase of your life.