Jobs, Bonds, and the Economic Jigsaw: Breaking Down the Latest Report

By California Platinum Loans / September 1, 2023
The bustling world of finance just received its latest puzzle piece: a significant jobs report. But what does it mean...
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Making Cents of the Market: When Numbers Fly High and Inflation Seems Skewed

By California Platinum Loans / August 31, 2023
Welcome to another pulse-pounding update from California Platinum Loans. Today, we're diving deep into the maze of economic indicators that...
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Cooling Job Market: Are Golden Days Slipping Through California’s Fingers?

By California Platinum Loans / August 30, 2023
Hold on to your real estate brochures, Californians! The ever-changing financial landscape has always had its ups and downs, but...
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California’s Economic Sizzle: From Whispers to Roars in the Housing Market

By California Platinum Loans / August 29, 2023
The heat is on, not just in California's sunny weather but also in its scorching housing market. Home prices are...
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A Miracle Week Awaits: How Jobs Reports Can Sway the Tide for Bonds and Homes

By California Platinum Loans / August 28, 2023
This week promises to blend anticipation and action, especially in finance. With significant indicators on the horizon, like the BLS...
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Steering Through Starry Skies: Powell’s Take on Inflation and Rates

By California Platinum Loans / August 25, 2023
In the unpredictable world of finance, just as a captain navigates a ship through tumultuous waters using stars, the Federal...
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Powell’s Starry Night: Navigating the Economic Constellations at Jackson Hole

By California Platinum Loans / August 25, 2023
Stargazing might seem like an odd hobby for Jerome Powell and the Fed, but with their recent comments, they seem...
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Hotter Than a Pepper Sprout: The Jackson Hole Symposium, Central Bankers, and the Dance of Inflation

By California Platinum Loans / August 24, 2023
It's another sunny morning in California, but the financial forecast is brewing with intriguing developments. The buzz in the air...
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Sifted Truths: A Dive Into Market Revisions and Their Aftermath

By California Platinum Loans / August 23, 2023
The finance world is a roller coaster. One day, it's all about the exhilarating highs, and the next, we plummet...
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Hawkish Fed vs. Credit Card Ballads: California’s Real Estate Ballet

By California Platinum Loans / August 22, 2023
As the harmonious tones of the Fed grow increasingly hawkish, is California's financial scene dancing to the rhythm, or is...
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