Drive On: How Auto Strikes & Inflation Could Shift the Mortgage Landscape!

A day in the financial market brings a whirlwind of events; today is no exception. We’ve got wholesale inflation revving its engines, potential strikes, and fluctuations in the mortgage bonds. Buckle up as we take a pit stop through the key headlines every high-end home buyer and investor needs to know.

The Auto Rollercoaster: Strikes, Used Cars, and Inflation

As the United Auto Workers Union teeters on the brink of a strike, we face an exciting domino effect. If no agreement is reached and new cars halt production, demand for used cars might skyrocket, increasing prices. The connection between car prices and inflation might seem distant, but if you’ve been fueling your vehicle lately, you’ll notice the close-knit relationship. Used car prices have been our financial cushion, keeping inflation in check. But if they accelerate, we could be in for a bumpy ride.

Energy: The Powerhouse Behind Inflation Numbers

The energy sector, particularly gasoline, has been pushing inflation numbers. And, speaking of fuels, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) barrel prices hit the $90 mark today. Flashback to when it was at $70, and we missed the pit stop opportunity to refill our strategic petroleum reserve. The result? A 30% price increase. Ouch! It’s like missing the chance to buy a vintage car in mint condition only to pay top dollar for it later.

Decoding Fed’s Next Moves

John Williams of the New York Fed gave us a glimpse into the rearview mirror and what lies ahead for inflation. His foresight pegs inflation easing towards 2.5%, considering the lag in shelter and rent prices. The takeaway? The Fed may be in cruise control mode, looking at the broader landscape before deciding on any rate hikes. Speaking of central banks, the ECB just hinted they might be done with their rate hikes. It’s like when luxury car makers decide not to produce a new model variant – it makes the existing ones all the more valuable.

Today’s financial journey has been filled with sharp turns and scenic routes. There’s a lot under the hood, from potential auto strikes influencing inflation to energy’s stronghold on prices. As for the mortgage rates? They’re humming along nicely for now, but always remember to keep an eye on the dashboard. It’s about enjoying the drive and ensuring you reach your destination in style.

Navigating Inflation’s Ups and Downs: How Energy and Shelter Behaved this Month

When it comes to surfing, California knows a thing or two. But we’re not talking about waves today; we’re talking about the fluctuating tides of inflation. Dive in with us as we navigate the ebb and flow of the latest economic indicators. Don’t worry; we’ve got the buoyancy aids on hand for the trickier parts.

Unraveling the Inflation Threads

Inflation hit us with a warm current, rising 6/10 of a percent, with the year-over-year number up slightly. At first glance, this might have had some of us reaching for the life vests. But, as with any tremendous Californian tale, there’s more beneath the surface. The main culprits this month? Energy costs. Core inflation came in hotter than expected, but not drastically so. The silver lining? Over the last three months, core inflation shows an annual rate of 2.4% in the Fed’s comfort zone.

The Cars, Gas, and Airfare Rollercoaster

The used car market is looking like our favorite summer sale – down 1.2% for August and a 7% drop year over year. Motor vehicle insurance, however, is taking us on a different ride, with a 19% increase. The real villain this month is energy prices, especially gasoline. And while energy had its dance in the limelight, food prices played the mellow background tune, remaining relatively flat.

Shelter: The Unsung Hero

As the saying goes, “When you need shelter from the storm, find a good roof.” Shelter costs rose at a rate that indicates progress year over year. This month, it’s the hero in our inflation story, with a gentle rise of 3-tenths percent. And while we’re talking about home, rent has seen some ups and downs, but the overall picture is promising. Here’s hoping this trend becomes a mainstay.

Like a well-executed dive, understanding inflation requires looking beyond the splash. Energy gave us a nudge, but shelter provided a reassuring anchor. For those keeping an eye on the mortgage scene, applications remain steady, and there’s a refinance opportunity on the horizon. Just as California Platinum Loans always advises, stay informed, stay buoyant, and always ride the wave to the best opportunity.

Remember, while the financial seas can sometimes be choppy, an intelligent navigator (and a touch of humor) can keep you on course. Stay golden, California!

Inflation or Infatuation? Fed’s Love-Hate Relationship with Rates

Bankers discussion

Ah, the Federal Reserve: the ex we can’t stop thinking about. Like that relationship where you’re always wondering if it’s a commitment or just a fling, the Fed has us all on our toes. This week promises to be a roller coaster of emotions, and it’s all thanks to an all-star lineup of Fed speakers. Grab your popcorn; let’s dive in!

Buffett’s Serenade Meets Wall Street’s Beats 

A heartfelt nod to the late and great Jimmy Buffett is kicking off the morning. As we sip our Margaritaville-inspired drinks, we’re also tuning into the financial harmonies of Fed governor Chris Waller. Waller, known for his not-so-sweet notes on the economy, surprised us with a refreshing, evenhanded take on inflation. It could be the Buffett tribute talking, but Waller’s recent notes seem more like a tropical vacation and less like a hurricane warning.

Fed Parade: The Financial Catwalk 

The financial fashion show continues with Susan Collins, Lori Logan, John Williams, Raphael Bostic, Michelle Bowman, and Michael Barr strutting their economic insights. While Bowman may have a sharp lawyer’s wit (and an even sharper outlook on hikes), it’s crucial to remember that everyone’s a critic in the world of finance. And speaking of critiques, our eyes are keenly set on’s listing data.

The Realty of Housing: An Inventory Peek dropped some housing intel, and it’s like watching your favorite Netflix series: dramatic, insightful, and leaves you wanting more. Listings are up 3.5% month over month. However, we’re still dancing in the shadows of our pre-pandemic numbers. 

In the ever-oscillating finance world, this week is no exception. Between surprise twists from Fed speakers and the housing market playing hard-to-get, we’re all in for a thrilling ride. Like any great love story, the relationship between the Fed and the economy has its ups and downs. But here at California Platinum Loans, we’re always ready to play matchmaker and find the perfect mortgage fit for you. Until tomorrow, keep your charts close and your Margaritas closer.