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President Fahad Karamat

Fahad Karamat, President
California Platinum Loans

Fahad Karamat started California Platinum Loans after being in the Real Estate industry for over 14 years.  Working with buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial real estate Fahad saw the many hurdles and issues that often faced all parties in the transaction. These issues included but were not limited to communication or lack thereof, understanding and meeting deadlines, between realtors, mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, escrow officers, title officers, and principals such as buyers and sellers.  

Having seen a number of transactions fall apart at the 11th hour due to one party or the other dropping the ball, or simply assuming that another party in the transaction would complete the required task; the age old issue of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

Fahad decided to take a holistic approach and build a mortgage loan company from the ground up that incorporated and put into place the systems, technology, and processes necessary to ensure a smooth mortgage loan origination from start to finish.

Whether you are purchasing your dream home, a vacation or investment residential or commercial property, refinancing an outstanding loan, consolidating debt, our experience and insight will help you find the right loan program at the most competitive rate.  The ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships with each of our clients, so that we may continue providing excellent service for many years to come. Unlike many of the larger nationwide mortgage companies that are out there, all your information will be kept secure and private.  The benefits of working with a local mortgage brokerage company are that we originate loans through the wholesale lending channel. What this means is that we have broker relationships with some of the biggest names in the lending industry, yes even those whose TV commercials you have seen on national TV and on Super Bowl commercials.  The good news is that while we originate through their lending channel we have none of the big overhead costs they have with their retail employees and offices. So we get the same loan products at lower costs and/or interest rates. In fact since we aren’t limited to just one lender we can shop your loan with dozens of these “National Lenders” to find the best fit and best price for your exact situation.  This saves you from having your credit run several times by different lenders. We can run the credit once and just have the same report re-issued to multiple lenders to get you the best price.

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