How Can I Discover Great Hidden Neighborhoods For Homes in LA?

Hidden Gem

With over 21,000 miles of public road in Los Angeles County, you could drive around for a long time before discovering one of LA’s many “hidden gem” neighborhoods. With Los Angeles home prices averaging much higher than most other cities, finding the hidden best spots can help you to get the most value for your home buying budget.

It may be easier to consult ranking websites which will let you know about the benefits of various neighborhoods. In LA County, you can find excellent neighborhoods from the harbor and beaches to the LA basin, San Fernando valley, and other nearby areas.

Here are a few criteria to look for when analyzing different neighborhoods, courtesy of Niche’s 2023 “Best Places to Live in Los Angeles County.”

Public School Quality in LA Neighborhoods

Not everyone has children, but public school quality can affect your experience living in a neighborhood even if you don’t have kids. Better schools usually mean that children have ample opportunities for recreation, sports, and social activities. Montrose, near Glendale, is one “hidden gem” neighborhood that has excellent public schools as well as other amenities, including a walkable downtown with adorable shops and restaurants.

Near Amenities and Shopping

If you need to commute for work, the last thing you may want to do when you get home is drive more to get to shopping. A few neighborhoods with excellent shopping districts include Los Cerritos in Long Beach, Wilshire/Montana and North of Montana in Santa Monica, and Redondo Beach. 

Good Places to Buy a Single Family Home

There are several up and coming neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area which have good schools, good shopping, and many amenities. While most of neighborhoods with these qualities are well-known for being high-priced, a few of them are still developing, meaning you can get more for your home buying dollar. 

Several neighborhoods in Long Beach as well as different neighborhoods in South Bay could qualify as a “hidden gem” neighborhood. Whether you would prefer a suburban neighborhood such as Calabasas, or an active urban lifestyle on the Westside, there are many choices.

You can visit online ranking sites to determine if the neighborhood you’re interested in will have all of the amenities you desire. Working with real estate professionals at California Platinum Realty and California Platinum Loans  


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