home renovation loan

If you find a home that you can afford in the neighborhood you want, but it needs upgrading or repairs, don’t pass it by until you’ve considered a home renovation loan like an FHA 203(k) loan. There are many California home mortgages which can pay for the purchase and renovations that can help you to move into the neighborhood you want to live in, and have a modernized live-able and enjoyable home with the upgrades/renovations and repairs, you want and need. These loans allow you to finance 100% of the renovation rehab costs.  All those costs are rolled into the loan.  You just pay your normal down payment on the purchase, the rest of the costs including renovation, permits, and holding costs during the renovation period are often times covered by the loan. So you start making payments when your home is move in ready. Contact Us here at California Platinum Loans to see how we can make your dreams of buying a fixer upper with a low down payment a reality today!

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